1. 15:04 21st Dec 2012

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    Perks of having a queer boyfriend

    He likes watching Glee with me. And gets just as turned on by Darren Criss making out with Lea Michele as I do. 

    Also, unrelated to queerness (except perhaps on my part), we play Lord of the Rings: Conquest together on his PS3 and it’s super fun. 

  2. 21:04 16th Oct 2012

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    I’m so glad I have friends with whom sharing porn is a totally okay thing to do

  3. 21:06 2nd Oct 2012

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    it’s cool if you’re transgendered/lesbian/gay/queer/asexual/nongender whatever but


    I really hope this is satire or something, but sadly enough I’ve seen a lot of posts like this.

    If boys can be lesbians, I can be the queen of Spain. No one can tell you what you can or cannot call yourself, but there’s a thing called “definitions,” and it is my understanding that lesbians are females who are sexually attracted to other females.

  4. Tumblr is a small world

    I reply to one post under the Elementary tag about someone saying they thought it would be cool if Lucy Liu was Sherlock instead, and all of a sudden it gets 45+ notes and turns into a woman of color discussion. There are dozens of similar threads popping up lately too, and many of them far less civil (for which I am grateful for).

    Now to the point of this post: I did not suggest that Lucy Liu could have played Sherlock because of a “dragon lady” stereotype.

    You know why I believe that’s highly unlikely?

    Because I hardly watch any TV. I can count the shows I’ve seen extensively right now for you: Glee, Sherlock, Arrested Development, and Doctor Who. Maybe I’ve forgotten one, but that is basically it. I rarely watch movies. I am so far out of visual media that I have been ridiculed for it at times. I’m so detached that there are quite a few stereotypes that I didn’t even know about until this year. I grew up sitting in a corner with piles of books, where none of the characters ever had any reference to their ethnicity. Therefore I think it nigh impossible that my approval of the idea as Lucy Liu as Watson could have been influenced by “stereotypes.”

    I said I could have seen Lucy Liu as a decent Sherlock because I think she’s a great actress, I would have been very interested in seeing a fem!Sherlock, and then of course there’s the silly little inside-fandom-joke about having great cheekbones.

    I have a theory about stereotypes, and that is you can’t escape them. Most of the time, there are only so many characters that appear in stories- the likeable and charming hero, the mentor, the sidekick, the love interest, the pretty airhead, the angsty anti-hero. I would prefer that people criticized trite writing, in a case like this. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is because I’m so out of the loop, but most of the time when I hear about a “stereotype” I don’t believe in it. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t encountered it. On the other hand, maybe people are waving that flag of zealotry again just because they can. In summary, I just wish everyone would calm down. It’s just an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. I wish every little thing didn’t have to turn into a super serious discussion about cultural subtexts.

    On that note:

    There are a lot of people declaring that if it had been Holmes who ordered Joan to “get in the car,” or whatever it was she said to him in the Pilot, they would have stopped watching the show immediately. Personally, I wouldn’t have viewed that as a blow to women of color and an exercise in white supremacy. That seems too much like a crack theory, like everyone’s convinced the world is out to get them. I would have seen that as a person being a jerk to another person who only has their best interests at heart. That doesn’t make that person any less of a jerk, and we don’t have to throw into cultural issues that aren’t even there.

  5. 00:55 29th Sep 2012

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    And suddenly all of my history professor’s rhetorical questions about “freedom” and “freedom of speech” became painfully relevant…

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    Update #3

    Turns out I was called in because of that resignation letter.

    I was informed that it was not correct behavior to have written what I did, seeing as it (in effect, from what I gathered) hurt that individual’s feelings, as well as stirred up some trouble for that club. I was also told that it was “toeing the line of harassment.”

    My dad would have a field day with this one.

    I can see him now-

    "America! This is how it is. You try to open your mouth, they nail it shut! Freedom of speech, ha-HAH!"

    Not that I would ever tell him about this. That would lead to too many questions.

    Either way, it was just a “conversation” to prevent any more “harassment” on my side. I asked the mediator about the Doctor’s case, and I learned that no matter what tier of penalty he receives, the second he graduates, his record is wiped clean and no background check will reveal anything. Before that, however, is fair game.

    He’s a fourth year. I’m not too concerned.


    I don’t know exactly when the season to apply for med school is for him. Do universities run background checks?

  7. Further Adventures on Facebook

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." -Proverbs 3:5-6

    Now there's something I wholeheartedly don't believe in.

    "Do not rely on your own understanding."

    That sounds like the death sentence of all human sensibility.

    Once again, God didn’t give you that job. You got the job because you were sufficiently competent and/or pretty.

  8. Update #2

    My appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 3. Basically, it’s the last thing I have to do before I can enjoy my weekend.

    Ach. My stomach feels all restless and twisted.

  9. 23:08 26th Sep 2012

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    Someone on Facebook just eclipsed every single post of red solo cup braggery I have ever seen

    …I don’t know.

    How about…


    If I had been really drunk and smashed my face on the sidewalk while trying to do a piggy back ride…

    I would have been so ashamed. I would have lied about it and skipped the part about being drunk entirely. I would not have posted a picture on Facebook with a thumbs up and a bunch of haha-ha’s.

    …but that’s just me.

  10. 21:10

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    The Doctor got that long-awaited email today.

    I got one too.

    They aren’t accusing me of anything, they just said they wanted to talk to me.


  11. I’m going through one of those stupid phases where I feel like he’s too good to be true. And that something’s going to go wrong, like he’s going to realize what a horrid person I am, or something along those lines, and it will be over.

    I’m afraid of being happy. Chalk it up to being gravely disappointed too many times. This happiness? Must be the calm before some sort of storm. I’m suspicious of any good luck in my life.

  12. 15:34 23rd Sep 2012

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    Anonymous said: Omg, thank you soo much :) it means the world

    No problem! I hope you have a good day.

  13. Anonymous said: Hii :), I'm sorry to just plant this on you but I really need some help, ok so around a year ago I came out as a lesbian, I was really happy with my ex girlfriend our relationship was really nice, we're not together now, I went to collage and there is this boy that I really just want to spend time with (hug, hold hands, talk to, stuff like that) but I don't want to have sex with him, does that make me bisexual? Xxx

    In this situation, words that may apply to you are “panromantic” or “biromantic.”

    But in general, this is where things get a little gray and labels start to feel restrictive.

    I can’t give you a definite answer- maybe somewhere down the road you’ll meet a guy who you will want to have sex with, which would make the “bisexual” label a lot clearer for you. Or maybe as time passes, you’ll want to have sex with this guy after all.

    I wouldn’t necessarily claim the word “bisexual” if you feel even a little unsure about it. Don’t feel pressured to use it. You could say you’re a lesbian, but you’re open, if that seems appropriate for you (just a suggestion!) Don’t feel the need to box yourself into one sexuality, don’t worry about the words that could tag and restrict you… do what feels natural :)

  14. 14:09

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    Happy Bisexuality Day! (?)

    Didn’t know this was a thing.

    Doctor linked me to the Wikipedia just now.

  15. Birth control has made my boobs bigger.

    Definite plus.

    But it has also made me gain weight much more quickly than I normally would. And it’s made it a lot harder to lose weight. It used to be extremely easy for me to lose weight; I could drop 5-10 pounds just by cutting down my meal portions, or only eating vegetables for two weeks. Now even that isn’t working. Also cellulite is becoming an issue. The Doctor suggested that maybe the weight gain is due to me getting older, but I don’t really believe that, because I’ve been an hourglass and physically mature since I was about 13 years old.